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Contributing to Webtoon... Again.

July 23, 2022 — Almir Paulo
Contributing to War and Peas by Elizabeth + Jonathan.

As I said the last time I worked with webtoons, it was a nice experience, and it was again. But I confess the last time with Dr. Frost I may have made some mistakes. I realize that by look at other Portuguese translations that was better than mine in some aspects like visuals (in the font styles, that I notice that it's not really preserved as the originals, but reworked) and in the word choices at some points.

But now I've found another really interesting webtoon called "War and Peas". It's actually a kind of a comic strip. A very funny one. Here is the synopsis:

A robot hopelessly in love, a promiscuous yet self-assured witch, and a fatally laid-back grim reaper. This never-ending webcomic of woefully funny stories will leave you cry-laughing or the other way around.

I think I will continue to translate War and Peas from time to time. Translating comedy is a special challenge, it's not just changing the words (it's never that simple), you have to keep the meaning to keep the joke. An excellent practice for every translator.

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