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Contributing to Webtoons

July 22, 2022 — Almir Paulo
Contributing to the translation of Dr. Frost by JongBeom Lee

I had a very nice experience these days translating a famous webtoon: Dr. Frost. The webtoons platform has support for fans translations. There is a huge community translating all sort of webtoons you can imagine. I thought it would be nice to try it once. And Dr. Frost is a webtoon that is helping me a lot to practice my french. I mean, of course the original tongue is probably Korean, but there is a french translation too.

If you don't know what a webtoon is, it's a webcomic, actually webtoon is the name of a famous website where you can find a lot of them, but the name kind of sticks to the webcomics. And if you don't know Dr Frost here is a synopsis directly from Webtoons:

College professor by day, and bartender by night, psychologist Dr. Frost believes in one simple belief. Humans are all the same. He uses this tenet to guide his practice, and solves the puzzles of the human mind one by one.

I've said I am reading Dr. Frost in french, but this time, I translated with the pair english-portuguese. The episode in particular was one where Pavlov (Dr. Frost's dog) goes to play with other dogs, and then it comes out Pavlov knows a bit of Psychology too. haha.

Some special details I’ve learned from translating a comic are an attention to the available space in the balloons (Sometimes you need to choose other words to fit them) and the font styles that need to be preserved for the sake of art.

Well, it was a very nice experience after all. I would like to do it again, but it would be better if I got paid. haha.

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